Sturgeon farm

 The Art-Caviar project is part of the Russian Caviar House group of companies. All sea delicacies that are sold in the boutique and used in the dishes of the Art-Caviar restaurant come from our own sturgeon farm. The farm produces products under the brand name "Russian Caviar House". Our assortment includes more than 20 varieties of black caviar, exclusive positions of caviar, beluga, sturgeon. 

  "Russian Caviar House" was founded in 1978 as a fish farm. Since 1996, the company began to raise sturgeon fish using the aquaculture method, as well as to produce and sell black caviar. The company is the undisputed leader in the black caviar market, the annual production of caviar reaches 20 tons. The high quality of the products & nbsp; is confirmed by numerous awards of international competitions, the official status of the Kremlin's supplier, recognition of the best restaurateurs and chefs, as well as gourmets around the world. 

  The quality of black caviar directly depends on the environment in which the fish lives, as well as on the technology of its cultivation. The aquaculture farm of the "Russian Caviar House" is located in the ecologically clean Kaduy district of the Vologda region. The fish are kept in the clean forest river Souda. There are no industrial agricultural enterprises upstream. The river gains strength from the many northern swamps and lakes. Thus, the fish grows and spawns in ideal conditions, which directly affects the quality of the final product. 
An interesting fact is that black caviar from the Russian Caviar House brand is popular not only all over the world, but also in space! Caviar from the Russian Caviar House company is included in the onboard food for the ISS cosmonauts.

   You can buy black caviar from the manufacturer “Russian Caviar House”, various seafood delicacies, red caviar in the Art-Caviar boutique or on the site in the “Gastrolavka” section. Each guest has a great opportunity to taste caviar in dishes, because the Art-Caviar team knows everything about black caviar and skillfully uses it in the author's menu.