Alexander Vasilievich Novikov

«Russian Caviar House» company group owner

In 1995, he acquired a fish farm on the Suda River in the Vologda Oblast. By 1995, the company was in a pre-bankrupt state. With the advent of the new owner, Alexander Novikov, in 1996, the farm received a second life, reorienting from growing carp to raising sturgeon fish and producing black caviar.

Russian Caviar House is the initiator of the creation of a professional sturgeon union in Russia, called on behalf of responsible producers to contribute to the development of legislation for the aquaculture industry. Alexander Novikov is the president of the union.

Since 2014, together with the government of the Vologodsky region and the Federal Agency for Fisheries, the Russian Caviar House annually provides at least 10 thousand units of sterlet juveniles for release into the Sukhona River as part of measures for the artificial reproduction of aquatic biological resources of the river.