Yan Korolev

Branch Director in St. Petersburg LLC Russian Caviar House, the author of the concept and CEO of the Art-Caviar restaurant

For many years he has been working in the field of promotion and sales of premium food products. He collaborated with the brands Barry Callebaut, Rougie, Valio. One of the first to introduce marbled beef from the USA and Australia to the St. Petersburg market. He introduced restaurateurs and chefs with the concept of cooking and eating meat from nose to tail, which has become one of the key trends of recent years.

In 2014, he opened a representative office in the North-West of the Russian Caviar House group of companies and in 2 years made the brand the leader of this market segment in this region. In the gallery of boutiques of the Grand Palace, as part of one of the restaurant projects, he met Roman Palkin, who later became the brand chef of the Russian Caviar House Group and the chef of his first project in the restaurant business - the Art-Caviar restaurant and caviar boutique.

The concept of Art-Caviar arose not by chance: it was a task by our own example to develop a culture of eating caviar, expanding the range of knowledge about the country's main national delicacy by representatives of the restaurant business and gourmets. Until now, there was no project in the world that would fully reveal the varietal diversity and gastronomic potential of caviar, acquaint with the history of caviar, and open up the opportunity for consumers to taste and purchase the best names of the legendary delicacy at the producer’s price.