Exclusive - albino caviar in Art-Caviar boutique!

One of the rarest types of delicacy is albino caviar. Caviar names vary: albino, white, or gold. According to the statistics of our sturgeon breeding farm, 0.00003 (zero point three hundred thousandths of a percent) of the total caviar produced was gold. A noteworthy feature is that the sturgeon fish that produce golden caviar does not always have a white color, it may be of a completely normal color. Albino caviar is considered the most expensive delicacy in the world. Has a distinct color and taste personality. This is truly an exclusive in the world of caviar.

Art-Caviar boutique presents:

Caviar albino beluga hybrid Classic
57g  - 10 920 rubles.
Albino sturgeon caviar Imperial
57 gr - 13 150 rubles.
Caviar of an albino beluga hybrid Imperial
 57g - 13 150 rubles.

You can buy albino caviar online on the website or in the boutique of the Art-Caviar restaurant.