Festival "Grab a crab!"

"Grab a crab!" - a gastronomic festival dedicated to Kamchatka crabs has been held in the Far East since 2016. In 2018, the festival went beyond the boundaries of the region, becoming an all-Russian one.

This year, "Grab a crab!" - at Art-Caviar!

The period is from 15 to 30 October.


Kamchatka crab leg, verch sauce
1400 RUR
Kamchatka crab meat, crisp potatoes, aioli, spinach cream
1400 RUR
First phalanx of king crab, green sour cream, pear cream, pickled pear
1400 RUR

We paid special attention to the serving so that you can fully enjoy the taste and texture of the delicacy without being distracted by the nuances of crab cutting.

Another important aspect: the honest weight of the delicacy in the finished dish. This is the best offer in terms of price-quality ratio in St. Petersburg!

You can not only order dishes with crab from the festival menu, but also purchase a delicacy to take away.


Kamchatka crab leg 1400 rub
First phalanx of Kamchatka crab (2 pcs) 1500 rub
First phalanx of Kamchatka crab (4 pcs) 3000 rub

Pure taste, natural texture, freshness of the sea ...

We have been choosing the best manufacturer in this market segment for a very long time! At Art-Caviar you can taste a product of a unique quality - crab from the North-West Fishery Consortium. Currently, it has one of the largest fleets in the Northern Fisheries Basin, consisting of fishing vessels and crab processors. Crab processing is carried out both on board ships and in our own onshore factories.

Your crab is waiting for you!