Maslenitsa in Art-Caviar

The best offer in the city for Maslenitsa!

500 g of various varieties of caviar, an abundance of sturgeon and beluga snacks, mousses and toppings, pancakes, croutons and the freshest homemade bread, accompanied by vodka or sparkling - generous, like a Russian soul, Maslenitsa set in Art-Caviar. Gastronomic, satisfying, interesting!

As part of the set:

Black caviar of sterlet "Imperial" 57 g

Black caviar of Russian-Lena sturgeon "Imperial" 57 g

Bester caviar "Imperial" 57 g

Pink salmon caviar 200 g

Pike caviar 113 g

Smoked sturgeon in fresh and sun-dried tomato sauce, pickled cucumber, capers, onions and dill

Smoked Beluga

Smoked sturgeon in sour cream with onions

Mini-pasties with three types of caviar

Burrata with unrefined olive oil

Black caviar mousse

Avocado mousse

Toppings: Egg, red onion, lemon, lime, sour cream, homemade yogurt-based butter

Pancakes and croutons

Homemade bread: rye-wheat bun based on 40-year-old beer and kefir sourdough, gluten-free bread with quinoa, honey and flax, flaxseed chips.

A bottle of vodka or sparkling wine (optional)

Offer - for 4 persons.

Cost: 19 900 rub. (4 975 rubles per person).

Art-Caviar. Bolshaya Konyushennaya St., 10.T .: 386-38-58.