New gastronomic set: a collection of 6 signature dishes!

Different varieties of caviar, Russian seafood, sturgeon from our own farm, unique homemade bread and butter with caviar!

New gastronomic set at Art-Caviar

6 courses - 2700 R.


Burrata with pike caviar


Shrimp, fennel and persimmon salad


Mini-pasties with three types of caviar


Morels with French fries espuma


Stewed bull's neck with baked celery puree in garlic broth


Siberian sturgeon steak with kohlrabi and horseradish and herb sauce

Important! We bring sturgeon from our own farm located in the Vologda region


Lime and persimmon ice cream

The set is accompanied by several types of homemade bread: a rye-wheat bun based on a 40-year-old sourdough made from beer and kefir, gluten-free bread with quinoa, honey and flax, and flaxseed chips. Serve with homemade cream and yoghurt butter and sprinkle with caviar.

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