Street-food party in a black caviar boutique

Tired of prim gastronomic dinners? Are set menus boring yet?

Art-Caviar breaks stereotypes, breaks boundaries and destroys prejudices.

October 4 (Friday)

Daring, cheerful, noisy

We will shock you, provoke you, amuse and treat you! An evening for relaxation, intelligent hooliganism, communication, creativity and freedom of expression. No obligation, restriction or prescription. Except for one thing: forget about them!

Sturgeon shawarma? - Yes!

Chebureks with caviar? - Yes!

Paint a picture with black caviar? - Yes!

Cocktails and wine without limits? - Yes!

Believe it or not, Roman Palkin will fry our legendary sturgeon shawarma with caviar and herb and horseradish sauce right in the restaurant hall! Eat as much as you can! But! Don't forget to leave an in-house resource for mini caviar pasties and spicy smoked cod tacos.

Drinks non-stop!

Cocktails from the partner of the evening BELUGA Noble Russian Vodka.
An excellent selection of rose, white and red wines from the Golubitskoye Estate winery.

Did you paint a picture with black caviar? Soon you will be able to answer: "Yes!" to this question. At the party, you will find a master class on drawing a picture with black caviar from the professional artist @artsunsetparty_spb. Each guest will be able to have a hand in creating a masterpiece!

PublicTalk on creative gastronomic combinations: various types of caviar, cocktails, wines and spirits.

The drawing of prizes from the partners of the event.

"Voice of the Streets" at Art-Caviar: DJ-mixes in a holiday format.

Date: October 4 (Friday)

Time: 19.00-22.00.

Ticket price: 3500 rub. (program, food and drinks from the evening menu without restrictions).

Book tickets by T: 386 3858 or e-mail: