Valentine's Day

We have created the most spectacular, from a gastronomic point of view, and the most profitable offer for Valentine's Day in the city.

Romantic set from Igor Kazakov of 5 courses: 

  • Oyster, tapioca, pear, relish. 
  • Scorched whitefish, bisque, blueberry vinegar. 
  • Crab, croquet, spinach, aioli. 
  • Ravioli with sturgeon and cod, cream cheese, mushroom mousse, truffle. 
  • Catalan cream, plum, halva. 
  • As a compliment for a romantic set 
  • a bottle of sparkling wine Art-Caviar.

Price of the offer for two persons: 7,000 rubles. You can also order from the main menu. A special dessert is a compliment from the restaurant. The restaurant assumes a chamber gastronomic format, book your favorite table: +7 (821) 386-38-58.